Create a new playbook

It's super easy. Just record, upload, or write a brief description of your task or process below.


There are four ways to create a playbook:

1) Record yourself describing the process and steps. Imagine that you're talking to another human being who needs to carry out that task. What steps do they need to follow? What details should they know?

It does not need to be perfect. You can correct yourself. You can say "oops, I forgot to mention to do this step before that other step." Just wing it!

2) Alternatively, upload an audio recording of the process and steps being described. (For example, you could use your phone's "voice memo" feature.)

3) If you don't feel like talking, write a description of the process and its steps. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect.

4) Import an existing video or audio recording of yours by providing a link to it. Many websites are supported, including YouTube and Loom.

Unsure where to start?

You can use PlaybookWriter to create step-by-step instructions on literally anything, so here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Scrambling eggs
  • Making a cup of coffee
  • Packing your kid's lunchbox
  • Watering the house plants
  • Making a sandwich
  • Surviving a zombie apocalypse
  • Training your cat to high five
  • Assembling an IKEA bookshelf without the instructions
  • Building a pillow fort
  • Sending a mundane monthly email at work
  • Replacing the furnace filter
  • Putting your kids to bed
  • Changing a car tire

By recording your basic summary of how to do one of the above (or whatever random idea pops into your head), you'll get a better grasp of all that PlaybookWriter can do for you and your everyday tasks!